MIcrosoft’s Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 gain a new pen feature

Kareem Anderson

Despite claims from the company, Microsoft released a batch of new features to its supposedly deprecated Office Mobile apps.

Once an observer gets past the inherent confusion of a Microsoft executive annoucing that Office Mobile apps were being put on the shelf, they will enjoy a new pen-related color radial similar to the OneNote mobile radial introduced a couple of years ago.

The new featue can be found in the mobile ribbon under the Draw tab for all Windows 10 Office Mobile apps that include Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

As Microsoft continues to refine its Office 365 experiences, perhaps, the Office team is using the Windows 10 Mobile apps as its new testing bed for future merging user experiences that converge mobile and desktop usage.

While Microsoft may not be actively promoting the Windows 10 versions of its Office Mobile anymore, the Office team continues to deliver subtle features to user who previously bought into the company’s old vision.