Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator game gets its own Insider program with early access to test builds

Laurent Giret

Microsoft bringing back to life its popular Flight Simulator franchise was one of the main surprises from yesterday’s E3 press briefing. For those unfamiliar, the Flight Simulator series is probably one of Microsoft’s oldest gaming IPs, with the first games launching back in the eighties.

The franchise had become dormant following the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition back in 2014, but Microsoft has just announced the next-gen Microsoft Flight Simulator launching next year on Windows 10, with an Xbox One version coming later.

“Microsoft Flight Simulator is specifically designed to celebrate flight simulation fans through a focus on the authenticity of flying and visually stunning environments,” the company explained yesterday. “By revamping our tech, working in close collaboration with the community and pursuing the best partnerships across the industry, we intend to deliver the best-in-class flight simulation experience”

Microsoft didn’t mention it yesterday, but Twitter user Klobrille has discovered that there’s an Insider Program for the upcoming simulation game. According to the program description, members will enjoy “exclusive behind-the-scenes updates from developers and partners, gain access to preview builds, and advanced content updates before the general public.”

Preview builds will be released through the Xbox Insider Hub, so you’ll need to sign up for the Xbox Insider Program and have the app installed on your PC. The developers don’t guarantee that all Insiders will get access to the first preview builds, but you can get more details on this FAQ.