Microsoft’s new Engkoo Android app helps native Chinese speakers improve their English pronounciation

Arif Bacchus

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Learning English as a second language can be pretty challenging, especially if you live in a foreign country like China and do not have the time or the right person to practice the language with. Well, Microsoft is committed to helping its Chinese customers improve their English skills with a new Android app called “Engkoo,” now available to download on the Google Play Store (via Android Police).

The Engkoo app is powered by artificial intelligence, and it can help Chinese users determine the accuracy of their English pronunciation by scoring correct pronunciation, intonation, and pace. Most parts of the app are written in English, but certain elements and some instructional lessons are in Chinese. Even with this so, it still is very intriguing to play with. Features of the app can be seen below.

  • [Minimal pair discrimination]: Using daily training, Engkoo can screen for mispronounced minimal pairs that are often overlooked, and arrange related scenarios for you to train intensively so as to improve your pronunciation.
  • [Multi-scenario Practice: The multi-branch Q&A scenarios include several responses to each question, allowing for more flexibility and personalization than the traditional single-answer model.

If you happen to be interested in this application, you can click the link seen below to download it. Let us know if you’ve found the Engkoo app helpful by dropping us a comment in the section below the download link.

Price: Free