Microsoft’s new Edge Insider browser will reportedly keep support for 4K video streaming in Netflix

Jonny Caldwell

One of the big differentiating features from Microsoft Edge is its support for 4K streaming of Netflix. Microsoft has been rebuilding its Edge browser from the ground up to support the Chromium layout engine, and such an overhaul will likely result in many Edge-exclusive features not showing up when the new browser is officially released (one of those being support for ebooks, which is being killed off).

As it turns out, it appears that support for 4K video streaming on Netflix might be one of those features that users won’t have to worry about missing out on. According to Neowin, the new Microsoft Edge will support PlayReady DRM for Windows 10, a proprietary digital rights management protocol that makes 4K streaming possible, as well as Widevine. The user only needs to enable the flags from within the edge://flags menu.

This feature is also exclusive to Microsoft Edge, as no such options can be found from within the Chrome flags menu. However, given that the Redmond-based tech giant is investing resources into improving the Chromium project, it’s hard to tell if that will be an option further down the road.

Of course, to take advantage 4K streaming, you’ll need a computer capable of taking advantage of the new settings, as it must be running either and Intel Kaby Lake or newer processor, or and Nvidia GeForce 1000 series GPU or higher. Assuming you have the specs, a copy of the recently leaked browser, and the correlating flag enabled, you should be all set to indulge in your late-night 4K binge watching.