Microsoft’s new Chromium-Edge browser is getting ARM64 support today

Laurent Giret

It’s now been almost a month since Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser ditched its beta tag, and today the web browser is getting its first big update that brings support for the ARM64 architecture and more. If you’re using a Qualcomm-powered PC such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, Microsoft Edge has now been recompiled for Windows 10 on ARM so that it can run natively, eliminating the performance penalty that was caused by the Win32 emulation until now (via The Verge.)

With today’s update, the stable channel is now on the same version 80 that’s already available on the Beta channel. As a reminder, the Edge stable channel is now on a six weeks release schedule that matches Google Chrome updates, while the Dev get new builds every week. For the more adventurous testers, the Canary channel gets new bits almost every day.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge and its ARM64 variant can be downloaded here. We really wish the ARM version was ready for the release of the Surface Pro X back in November, as it’s pretty much a night and day experience compared to the emulated x86 version.