Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service ends today as streamers say their final farewells

Brad Stephenson

Final day on Mixer

The day is finally here. Sometime today, on the 22nd of July 2020, Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service will cease to function and go offline.

As of the time of this writing, the Mixer website is still up and a surprising number of streamers are continuing to broadcast on their channels. Some giving the service a final farewell, others still clearly frustrated with Microsoft over abandoning yet another service or product, and many promoting their new channels on Twitch.

Many Mixer streamers and community members have also taken to Twitter to say their farewells and reflect on the experience. Here’s just a few of the tweets:

By far one of the more impressive gestures has been made by the two Mixer fans who created a Mixer tribute video and website. Make sure to give it a look here.

A special farewell video was also made by numerous Xbox Ambassadors.

Mixer showed a lot of potential and had an extremely loyal following of users and viewers. The platform was growing over time but apparently not at the speed at which Microsoft wanted. A deal seemed to have been struck with Facebook Gaming to migrate Mixer streamers over to that Facebook-owned platform but the majority have clearly made the switch to Twitch, which is understandable given how popular it is.

Looking for some quality Mixer streamers to follow on Twitch? Here are some of my personal favorites.

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