Microsoft’s Mixer teases “free unreleased games” as part of its E3 2018 MixPot

Arif Bacchus

This year’s big Xbox E3 conference is a few hours away, and you might want to tune in and watch via Mixer instead of the other streaming platforms. The reason why? Microsoft is teasing that you can get free unreleased games for signing in and watching Xbox E3 conference on Mixer.

The first of the MixPot games is a free pre-order of the unreleased ID@Xbox game Outer Wilds. There’s no word yet on what the other free “unreleased” items will be, but Mixer also is teasing that you’ll get free DLC for watching Inside Xbox webcast on Monday too.

As you may recall, Microsoft did something similar last year at E3 and gave away a long list of content (as part of the”MixPot”) for those who signed into their account and watched on Mixer. Last year’s Mixpot of free games included Rare Replay, The Final Sation, No Time to Explain, and some skins for Minecraft.

We’re hoping for more of the same this year, but we’re also hoping that Mixer’s servers will hold up and won’t bug out as it did in the past. You can find more information on how to connect your Microsoft account with Mixer and get these rewards by checking here.

Update: The E3 Conference may be over but you still have chances at the MixPot. You can tune in tonight to Inside Xbox to get Outer Wilds Full Game Pre-Order, Gears of War 4 Microsoft Studios Skin, and more.