Microsoft’s market cap just hit a new high, at just over $800 billion

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s market cap continues to balloon as the company has now hit a new high crossing the $800 billion mark by late day trading on July 12, 2018. As the company shares saw a 2.2% bump in midday trading on Thursday, Microsoft saw its share price hits triple digits at $104.21.

While Microsoft sits at a $800 billion market cap, the company still lags behind Apple, Amazon and slightly behind Google’s parent business Alphabet.

As Microsoft continues to battle it out for top spot among the market cap giants such as Apple and Amazon, it should be noted that a $800 billion dollar market evaluation is a first for the company, even during its heyday as the worlds largest software provider back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and adjusted for inflation.

Going into reports of its next fiscal quarter, the company is sure to mention more Azure gains as the platform has seemingly become the diamond in the rough for Microsoft’s stock market revitalization.