Microsoft’s Lumia 730 sets a world record for most people in a selfie


Microsoft's Lumia 730 sets a world record for most people in a selfie (Spoiler alert: It's more than a thousand)

How many people can you fit exactly in a selfie photo? Ellen DeGeneres’ Samsung smartphone that she used while capturing the massively popular selfie at the Oscar earlier this year could only manage a dozen. But if you sport a Lumia 730, you can easily fit over a thousand of people in your selfie.

The Redmond-based company teamed up with Coca-Cola in Bangladesh to allow local citizens to register and participate in what it thought would be its attempt to claim the world record for the maximum number of participants in a selfie photo. And could Microsoft be any right?

The event was held at the Bashundhara City Shopping Mall on November 22, and a person using Lumia 730’s wide 5-megapixel front camera managed to have 1,151 people in a single selfie. Microsoft wasn’t breaking anyone’s record, as there were no previous records entered for most people in a selfie photo, but it definitely holds one now. More on this as we get official confirmation.