Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore: Closing the Windows Phone ‘app gap’ continues to get ‘better and better’


Microsoft's Joe Belfiore: Closing the Windows Phone 'app gap' continues to get 'better and better'

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore firmly believes that Microsoft is nearly closing the ‘app gap’ that has plagued the image of Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system for quite some time now. Belfiore was at the TechEd Europe conference earlier this week and this is what he had to say:

“We have heard from a lot of people that get Windows phones, that they’re satisfied. If you’re a super high-end early adopter of apps, it’s probably not the best platform choice for you, but if you’re not … we see tons of people who are highly satisfied with it. As Windows 8.1 in general increases its volume, we see more and more software developers getting engaged on that platform, and that addresses the app gap.”

When asked if CIOs should consider Windows Phone as an enterprise mobility solution, Belfiore reiterated that the app gap is nearly closed and that CIOs should continue considering Windows Phone for apps that offer advantages for the enterprise sector. If companies are making the move to modern versions of Windows, including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, then it makes sense to have Windows Phone to leverage apps right across all those devices. Universal Apps are the key selling point.

“I think, right now, probably most CIOs are heavily influenced in their perspective of phones by what the end users are looking for,” Belfiore explains. “Right now the biggest issue with end-user demand for Windows Phone in general is still – in combination with perception, I think – the reality of the app gap.” But, as Belfiore mentions, the closing of the app gap continues to get better and better.

Do you agree with Joe that the app gap is closing or do you think Microsoft still has a lot of work to do?