Microsoft’s HoloLens just got a new video game in Holo Space Invaders

Laurent Giret

While Microsoft recently unveiled its plans to democratize mixed reality through partnerships with third-party manufacturers, an increasing number of developers are already building apps for Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. Game developers are also embracing the new platform, and after we’ve learned about a fan-made HoloLens Pokemon RPG last week we just discovered Holo Space Invaders, a new game that recently appeared on the Windows Store.

As you can expect, the game is an homage to the original Space Invaders game with a twist of mixed reality. Here is the official description below:

Space Invaders was a traditional video game played in 2D platform. Now you can experience the game in the full glory of Holographic 3D with Holo Space Invaders.

  • Player can auto-shoot alien spaceships without using air tap gesture.
  • Spaceships will spawn randomly and fire projectiles at the player.
  • Player can move around with their body to dodge enemy projectiles.
  • Destroyed spaceships may leave behind collectible health packs to restore player’s health points.

On the store listing, developer Mengsoftware explains that “we will regularly upgrade the game with more exciting game levels and new features.” If this “work in progress” status doesn’t bother you (this is a brand new platform, remember), Holo Space Invaders is currently a $2.99 purchase on the Windows Store.

Holo Space Invaders
Holo Space Invaders
Developer: Mengsoft Pty Ltd
Price: Free