Microsoft’s GroupMe app updates on iOS and Android devices with new community features

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft GroupMe app icon.

The GroupMe app received updates on both Android and iOS devices this week aimed at fixing bugs and improving users’ ability to connect with others with new group settings.

Here’s the release notes for the iOS update which brings the app to Version 5.43.0:

  • Community allows you to find other groups at your school you may be interested in
  • Fixed settings page not being interactive in some cases
  • Misc bug fixes

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Here’s the notes for the Android update which also upgrades it to Version 5.48.3:

  • Themed groups
  • Additional image edits and filters

GroupMe is a free Microsoft mobile app designed to bring contacts together in one place and communicate with them via text chat. Its most-praised feature is its ability to let contacts without the app installed on their device still participate in group discussions by using SMS.

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