Microsoft’s FY16 Q4 hints at a stabilizing PC market as Windows licensing revenue grew 27%

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft’s growing list of pluses for its fiscal 2016 fourth quarter earnings report continue to add up. After reporting on increases in commercial Office seats, Xbox Live subscribers and Surface revenue we’re now learning that Windows licensing revenue has gone up a massive 27%. With the PC market stabilizing (for commercial PC purchases at least) and Microsoft getting a firm handle on consumer retail of Windows 10 as it goes into its second year of release, good things are surely on the horizon.

Here’s what the earnings report reads, exactly:

  • Windows OEM non-Pro grew 27% (up 27% CC), outpacing the consumer PC market driven by higher premium device mix
  • Windows OEM Pro grew 2% (up 2% CC), reflecting a stabilizing commercial PC market and a higher mix of business PCs sold with Windows Pro

You can read the full earnings report right here, where you’ll be able to check out every detail of Microsoft’s fourth quarter in its entirety. If you don’t want to read through it all, stay on WinBeta as we cover all of the highlights.