Microsoft collaborates with Ford for an Xbox One Elite controller concept for Forza 6

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has collaborated with Ford to create a Ford GT Xbox One Elite concept controller in celebration for the launch of Forza Motorsport 6. The theme of the controller is inspired by the Ford GT, and features the same “Liquid Blue” color scheme used on the car pictured on the cover for the game. This concept controller is said to be wrapped in a carbon fiber casing to make the controller feel rigid, yet lightweight.
Part of the conceptual design includes a left joystick that is modeled after the GT’s steering wheel and is angled towards the player to give a “more ergonomic experience” according to Microsoft. The horizontal movement limiter on the joystick also gives the player a bit more control and accuracy when steering. The paddles on the back of the controller are said to imitate the column paddles inside the GT, and the battery door is even transparent just like the car’s engine compartment.
While Microsoft says that the controller is a prototype and that it has no plans for mass production of it, Microsoft did recently release a Forza 6 Xbox One controller. However, gamers can still see this and other concept controllers in person at the Ford booth at the SEMA Auto show in Las Vegas on November 6.