Microsoft’s Explanimators are back, this time to explain machine reading

Arif Bacchus

Two months ago, Microsoft published an Explanimator which aimed to explain Mixed Reality in simple terms. This month, the animated video series is returning, now explaining machine learning, and how it can be used by everyday people in the future.

In typical animated style, the latest Explanimator features dogs and cats trying to teach each other how to read. At one point in the video, a human then appears, explaining to his furry friends that Microsoft and other tech companies are using AI algorithms and cloud computing to teach computers to read and comprehend modern language. He even reveals that the technology is still in infancy, but someday, a computer will be able to read online information and summarize it back in a matter of minutes or less.

The explanimator makes it apparent how machine learning can impact everyday life, and give access to all human knowledge ever written. For instance, through the power of machine learning, a doctor can get an overview of every bit of information collected about a rare disease. It also highlights that a lawyer can get a summary of all legal opinions on a case.

How would you use machine reading in the future? Give the video a watch above, and let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment in the section below!