Microsoft’s Edge browser begins testing tab counting on Android

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s development engagement with Android seems to be blossoming in various ways for end users as the two platforms become increasingly well matched.

Leveraging those open development gains, Microsoft’s Edge team is adding a small nicety to its browser offering on Android that will allow users to see how many open tabs are being stored.

With the release of an update to the beta version of Edge titled v42.0.0.2519, users will now see a number count in the multiple tabs icon in the bottom menu bar of the browser.

As of now, it’s being reported that the new feature is only for the beta channel of Edge. Anecdotally, I checked my Edge browser, and it appears, unfortunately, I can’t tell if I’m a beta user or if this is already being rolled out to the regular channel.

Anyone interested in checking this out can download the beta version from the Play Store in the link below.