Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar visited the Sydney Microsoft Store this week

Dave W. Shanahan

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Recently, Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar visited the Microsoft Store in Sydney, Australia, earlier this week. Sarkar was likely taking a much-needed break after attending the Microsoft Ability Summit in Redmond on May 4, 2017. According to the “Community Update,”

In addition to visiting the Microsoft Store, Sarkar put Microsoft team members to work on a “special mission.” There is no hint of what that mission is just yet. However, Sarkar wrote a “Community Update” where she hinted at what might be coming next for Windows Insiders in a blog post:

“Today (May 4, 2017) is the annual Microsoft Ability Summit – the day we bring together all of the teams at Microsoft to plan how to Inspire > Build > Enable technology for our community who have “special abilities”. The #WindowsInsiders will play a major role with a big session on Being Obsessed with Customer Feedback where we will talk about co-creating Windows with our community members who do have special abilities. We take our mission to empower EVERY person on the planet to do the thing very seriously.”

Maybe we will hear more about this very important mission for Windows Insiders at Microsoft Build 2017 later today. Stay tuned.