Microsoft's Dev Center app goes offline, expected to re-open in 2016

Brad Stephenson

A Windows app developer has discovered earlier today that the official Microsoft Dev Center app is down and looks to remain this way until 2016 when an apparent updated version will be released. Developers who currently use the app are encouraged to use the web version of the Dev Center which has been optimized for mobile usage and should be able to complete any tasks previously done on the app.
The official message reads;

“As part of the Windows and Windows Phone Store merge, the data source used by this app is no longer up to date. An updated version of this app is planned for 2016.In the short term, please use the new Dev Center dashboard website, which is now optimized for mobile devices.”

Microsoft has been in the process of merging its app stores for a while now due to the rollout of Universal apps which work across all Windows 10 devices such as PCs, Windows Phones, and Xbox, so the combining of development tools is to be expected. Microsoft has also renewed their focus on apps development for businesses recently and launched their new Windows Store for Business app store last week.