Microsoft’s Chief Information Officer departs, and Kurt DelBene replaces him

Jack Wilkinson

Following on from news of Microsoft delivering a new strategy focused on cloud, by beginning the implementation of a reognisation of its global sales force, focused on selling cloud products and services, the company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Jim DuBois, has left his position (via GeekWire) at the company.

Instead, Microsoft has created a new position, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), which will be taken up by Kurt DelBene. In the newly-formed position, DelBene will focus on implementing the company’s digital transformation, as well as working closely with engineering teams and IT.

DelBene has vast experience in the technology sector. Working at Microsoft for 21 years, and being president of its Office division, DelBene left the company in 2013, as he was appointed by President Obama. His work involves the Affordable Care Act, where he oversaw the implementation of the website. In 2015, he returned to Microsoft in the position of executive vice president of corporate strategy and planning.