Microsoft’s Build 2018 is starting and here’s what to expect; working in the cloud

Kareem Anderson

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Charlotte Yarkoni, a Microsoft Azure VP was the first person on stage at Build 2018 to give the audience an overview of what’s to come for the next three days of conferences, meetings, presentations, sessions, and keynotes, and the throughline was, empowering developers to create ambient computing experiences through a multi-faceted approach from the company.

Specifically, developers will be inundated with speeches and hands-on sessions that involve the expansion of Microsoft Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud, Data and AI development, MultiSense and Multi-device experiences, Modern Tooling for experiences across platforms and languages, and accessibility advancements through AI infusion.

Somewhere in there should be some talk about Windows and Office 365, but for the most part, this year’s developer conference will be in the clouds.

Stay tuned here at for more details as they become available.