Microsoft’s Armed Forces II Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller is back

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft announced yesterday a second iteration of the original Xbox Armed Forces Special Edition Wireless controller. The new edition takes elements from the original edition, but with some added colors.

This Armed Forces II Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller will have the same military green camouflage pattern, but with a new touch of orange on the Bind button. The controller is available for pre-order today for $64.99 and will start shipping to Xbox One markets worldwide on August 14. Here in the US, it will be an exclusive to Walmart and the Microsoft Store.

Gamers buying this controller will get 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. This is the second new controller announced by Microsoft, as last week they introduced a Sport White Special Edition. Of course, gamers can also customize their controller to their own liking via the Xbox Design Lab, which offers up limitless color options.