Microsoft's AppComparison helps Android owners switch to Windows 10 Mobile

Michael Cottuli

With the Lumia 950 out, a lot of people are going through the arduous process of deciding whether or not they want to abandon their history with their previous phone and take the leap into Windows phones. To help nudge along that decision, Microsoft has released an app for Android called “AppComparison,” which Android users can install to see which of their installed apps have equals on the Microsoft store.
The app has the potential to be helpful for some people who are on the fence about changing phones, and don’t know what they’ll be sacrificing if they switch to Windows Phone. While some of its matches are questionable (I was suggested UC Browser in lieu of Chrome, and LiveGaming in lieu of Twitch) it should put some people at ease.
It’s hard to let go of a brand of phone that you’ve had for a significant amount of time, especially now that the Google store and iTunes won’t let you use anything you own from them on a phone using a different OS.  With an app like AppComparison on the Google Play store, that transition might be a little bit easier.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁