Microsoft’s Android home screen app gets performance boost, new improvements



Yes, Microsoft has a home screen app for Android and it’s called Arrow Launcher. This app was added to the collection of Microsoft Garage projects back in October of last year and lets Android users experience a new interface to find recently/frequently used apps, contacts, notes, and reminders. You can also re-arrange and hide pages, as well as add widgets to the home screen. You can even change your wallpaper to Bing’s homepage image on a daily basis.

Arrow Launcher snagged an update very recently, squashing over 80% of user-reported bugs and improving performance by 40%. The latest version of the app now lets you double tap the screen to lock and updated Material UI for page indicator, loader, and other minor UI elements. The update also includes improved phablet support, and improved performance and memory consumption by roughly 40%. The update also features other bug fixes reported by users.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Microsoft Garage is, it’s a project lab where Microsoft employees can spend their extra time working on experimental projects. Both Microsoft Garage and the some of the apps created by it are great initiatives, as some real handy apps can come of it. You never know, some of the apps could change how we do certain things in our everyday lives.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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