Microsoft Xbox 720 to Have ‘Avatar Quality’ Graphics


In a recent interview with Xbox Magazine, AMD’s Director of ISV Relations, Neal Robinson, indicated that Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console will feature major improvements to its graphics. In fact, the new console will match the visual quality of the movie ‘Avatar.’

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox, currently known as Xbox Next or Xbox 720, will also feature a major improvement to its AI of in-game characters. In other words, each non-playable character in games will have a better mentality. Robinson also teased that the new console will exceed the graphic quality of all current consoles including the Wii and Playstation and even most high-end PCs.

Robinson went as far as saying that the new Xbox will feature graphics comparable to the movie “Avatar.”

No word on what exactly will be making this happen, as Microsoft remains tight-lipped about who or what will power the new consoles’ components. Instead, Microsoft is focusing on its Kinect add-on. Microsoft introduced the Kinect in 2010 as a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” originally developed for its Xbox video game platform. It allows players to interact with games through physical gestures rather than using a controller.

Microsoft continues to push its current Xbox, the Xbox 360, which still has four more years in its ten year life span.