Microsoft wins Xbox video patent suit, not infringing on Biscotti patent

Kit McDonald

Microsoft has shuttered yet another case brought against its legal team, this time concerning the use of live video chat in Xbox. Biscotti, a video conferencing device designed for the convenience of HDTVs, claimed that Microsoft allegedly ripped off their software and violated U.S. Patent 182.

Starting as early as 2010, Law 360 explained that Biscotti became suspicious after Skype originally reached out to their company to learn more about its technology. With Microsoft’s purchase, Xbox team members supposedly bought products from Biscotti and researched their methods. The concerns led to a filed complaint in November 2013 in which they claimed Microsoft’s Xbox One and other services infringed on the patent, including applications like Twitch and Beam (now Mixer).

A jury in the Eastern District of Texas this month came to the final decision about the 182 patent infringement claim, ruling in favor of the tech giant. SE Texas Record reports that Biscotti didn’t prove that Microsoft willfully infringed, lacking evidence to support their accusations. Furthermore, seven claims in the patent itself were found invalid.

Likely, this is the last nail in the coffin for Biscotti. The company had closed up shop for quite a while now, and its website simply states “Biscotti’s products and services are no longer available for purchase or use.”