Microsoft: Windows 10 Mobile will not fully support Progressive Web Apps

Jack Wilkinson

Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950

Yesterday, we saw the first batch of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) make their way to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. Before that, Twitter also converted its app to PWA, moving away from the UWP. This made many believe that PWAs would be Microsoft’s solution to the app gap on its mobile platform, however, that doesn’t appear to be entirely true.

In a tweet, the Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Edge, Kyle Pflug, confirmed that while PWAs do work on Windows 10 Mobile, they will not support all features. Additionally, developers do not have to support Windows 10 Mobile, and if history tells us anything, they probably won’t.

For those who were hoping PWAs would fix at least some of Windows 10 Mobile’s problems, we’re afraid that’s not the case. It may go some way, as some developers may choose to support Microsoft’s mobile platform, but the evidence of that happening just isn’t there.