Microsoft will work with Station F to support the largest startup campus in the world

Kareem Anderson

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Station F in Paris represents the world’s largest startup campus and Microsoft is in partnership to establish an on-site artificial intelligence program to give developers access to resources to create proof-of-concept AI projects.

As part of today’s announcements, Microsoft will be inviting five startups into a year-long program based out of Station F to help boost AI growth in France. The criteria for Microsoft’s selection will be based on the maturity of funding, business development, and applications designed to grow AI in France.

According to founding member of, Microsoft’s support is, “already helping major brands revolutionize customer service with smart chatbots, working with the likes of SFR, SNCF Transilien, EDF, Michelin and KLM.”

The idea is for Station F to eventually become home to a 100 more startup researchers, developers, technicians, investors and business partners in the coming years with help from Microsoft and others.