Microsoft Defender updates its Exclusion permissions

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Defender

One of the best tools to help you protect your computer and eliminate malware is a Microsoft Defender scan. You can schedule a scan daily, weekly or monthly.

That said, we all know the security threats a virus poses when it attacks your system. Well, that is about to change since Microsoft has recently altered the permissions for Windows Defender Exclusions. (via Neowin)

Initially, users could easily access lists of both excluded folders and directories, but with the new update, only users with administrative rights will have access to Defender’s list of exclusions. Therefore, if a user attempts to find the Exclusions using a command line, an error will immediately pop up indicating that access is denied.


This update is in place to help shield users from attackers who could previously access the list of excluded folders and possibly add a malicious virus in places where Defender wouldn’t check.