Microsoft Whiteboard is now out of preview on Windows 10, iOS and web versions are coming soon

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Whiteboard, a Windows 10 app that offers a freeform digital canvas to everyone with a touchscreen PC, is dropping the preview tag today. The app was first designed for Microsoft’s Surface Hub collaboration device until Microsoft made it compatible with its Surface Pro tablets and then all touchscreen PCs.

“The new Whiteboard application enables people to ideate, iterate, and work together both in person and remotely, across multiple devices,” explained Microsoft CVP Ron Markezich. “Using pen, touch, and keyboard, you can jot down notes, create tables and shapes, freeform drawings, and search and insert images from the web.”

You can find Microsoft Whiteboard on the Microsoft Store, today: the app is free to use for everyone, but the collaboration features will require one of the participants to have an Office 365 subscription. The company also announced today that Microsoft Whiteboard is coming soon to iOS devices as well as the web, though there is no ETA yet.

Microsoft Whiteboard
Microsoft Whiteboard