Microsoft warning users to avoid Chrome due to battery drain, recommends Edge instead

Mark Coppock

Microsoft has been making a bit of noise lately about how much more energy efficient its own Edge browser is than the competition. Google’s Chrome browser, currently the industry’s dominant piece of software for accessing the web, is one of the more infamous perpetrators of battery killing, and Microsoft wants you to know it.

Rudy Huyn, Windows phone developer extraordinaire and current Dropbox developer, notes that Microsoft is now popping up a notice on some user’s battery icon letting them know that Google Chrome is killing their battery.

Of course, Microsoft has some work to do to make Edge competitive with Chrome, particularly in the area of extensions, which will be officially coming to Windows 10 PC and tablet users with the upcoming Anniversary Update. Nevertheless, Edge is definitely a quick browser that’s easy on your battery, and is a great choice if it meets all of your browsing needs. Let us know in the comments if you’re using Edge, and what you think of its battery life improvements.