Microsoft wants to ‘transform television’ with Xbox One #XboxReveal


Xbox One

During the next-gen Xbox reveal on the Xbox campus today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One will finally allow your TV to be truly personalized for once.

Earlier today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One will feature fifteen exclusive games during the first year of Xbox One, with eight of those games being brand new franchises. Microsoft also mentioned that your TV screen is the most relevant and most important screen in your home. Therefore, the new Xbox is a part of the company’s mission to “transform television.”

For once, your TV will truly be personalized thanks to Xbox One. On top of that, your TV will also be social thanks to Xbox Live. “Today we stand at the threshold of another great era of groundbreaking television,” Nancy Tellem stated. She is the entertainment and digital media president at Microsoft.

This transformation involves interactive and exclusive content on the Xbox One. For example, NFL on Xbox involving Fantasy Football will also be a part of the new experience. Microsoft will also have other exclusive content that can be paired up with Xbox SmartGlass as well as the Kinect sensor. Microsoft is also working on a live-action Halo TV series directed by Steven Spielberg, exclusive to the Xbox One.

Microsoft is expected to reveal more about the Xbox One and its games during the E3 entertainment expo on June 11th. The Xbox One launches “later this year.”