Enhance connectivity at the workplace with Microsoft Viva Engage, now widely available

Kevin Okemwa


During Inspire 2022, Microsoft announced that they were intending to expand Microsoft Viva with a new Engage module. Today, Microsoft announced that the app is now widely available.

Microsoft Viva Engage is an enhanced version of the Yammer Communities app that unpacks new capabilities as well as experiences designed to make work more seamless. It allows employees to interact better, develop relationships, establish connections, share ideas and at the same time provide an opportunity for people to learn from each other within Microsoft Teams.

The platform features a personalized Home page where users will get to see the interests of their connections. With time, the feed will start showing content that is more relevant, enhancing engagement in the module.

Viva Engage includes a Communities Hub within the app, and a list of recommended communities. And to enhance accessibility, there’s a new quick navigation that allows users to move to their favorite and frequented communities.

And finally, Storyline and Stories will be part of this module designed to enhance engagement among employees. But unlike the story feature on OneDrive, users will be able to share their thoughts widely with colleagues through conversations and videos.

As for the Storylines tab, it is populated with content from colleagues but also features popular posts across the network. The platform also comes with a Following feed dedicated to people you follow, thus allowing you to easily catch up with them.

The Storyline feature should be available in public preview in the next couple of weeks but it will take a couple of months for Stories to reach public preview. These changes should automatically roll out to users with the Communities app anytime.