Microsoft updates Tetra lockscreen, adds 'beta' weather feature

Staff Writer

Microsoft updates Tetra lockscreen, adds 'beta' weather featureLast year, Microsoft launched an experimental lock screen for Windows Phone dubbed “Tetra”. The lock screen was designed by Microsoft Garage and was aimed at bringing “functionality to the forefront of your Windows Phone 8.1 devices”. Now, the application has been updated with new functionality.

The original version of Tetra lock screen allowed users to replace their standard static lock screen image with a personal agenda, current location marker, activity tracker, or stopwatch. Since its original release, we haven’t seen much activity, but a new weather option has just been added.

Users can now display local weather information with a three-day forecast on their lock screen. The idea isn’t revolutionary as other software designers have enabled live lock screens showcasing weather before, but for those of you who enjoy the Tetra app – it is a welcome addition.

It should be noted that the weather functionality is currently in beta. Furthermore, a few bug fixes have been introduced with this update including four appointments being visible on the calendar and crashing on the Lumia 930. Microsoft has noted there are no speed improvements in this update.

You can download the latest upload via the link below