Microsoft updates Sticky Notes on Windows 10 with new features

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft yesterday released an update for the Sticky Notes app on Windows 10. The updated version includes the usual bug fixes, and adds support for bulleted lists. (via Windows Central.)

Windows 10 users should be seeing this version update now in the Microsoft Store. Several of these new features and support for bulleted lists have been long needed. You can have a look at the changelog below for a deeper look at what’s new.

  • Bulleted lists are now supported! Typing “*” and hitting “Space” at the start of a line auto-converts to a bullet.
  • For users on the Fall Creators Update, a new maps view is shown when opening address insights.
  • Still getting notifications to upgrade? We’ll now only ask you to upgrade when we think we have something super special. (Like this update.)
  • If you have any long notes laying around, you might notice they’re acting a little faster. That’s on purpose!
  • Who needs spring cleaning when fall cleaning is just as fun? We’ve removed many of the bugs that were hanging around. Let us know if you see anything that’s out of place!

Definitely a very nifty update, helping a useful app become even more useful. Feel free to update now by visiting the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 PC, and once you’ve updated, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.