Microsoft updates its AI tools, makes them more accessible to companies and developers

Arif Bacchus

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Microsoft today announced several updates for their artificial intelligence tools under the Microsoft Cognitive Services banner. The enhancements to Custom Vision Service, Face API, and Bing Entity Search should all help to make the AI tools more accessible for companies and developers.

First of the news is the paid public preview of Custom Vision service on the Azure Portal. According to Microsoft, this service is built on machine learning, and developers can use it to train a classifier with their own data. There are many real worlds uses for this service, including deploying it on websites to automatically classify images and products.

Next up, the Face API service can now recognize up to 1 million people. This can prove useful for finding group photos, seeing if two faces belong to the same person, and identifying previously tagged persons.

Finally, with Bing Entity Search, developers will be able to enrich their apps with rich context about people, places and local businesses.  Real-world scenarios include a social media app being able to provide information about the locations of photos from a user profile.

You can learn more about Microsoft Cognitive Services by visiting here. Developers can also check out this documentation for more on how they can enable these services.