Microsoft updates changelog for build 16226, includes new Mixed Reality experiences, more known issues.

Michael Cottuli


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We started and finished our coverage of build 16226 last night, but it turns out that there’s more to see. Brandon LeBlanc on Twitter recently put out an announcement saying that the team has added in more known issues for the build, along with a section regarding Mixed Reality.

With no further adieu, we’ll go ahead and show you the changes.

Mixed Reality Improvements

  • The Mixed Reality software download issue has been fixed. The workaround that has been provided for the last flight can be removed. You could directly upgrade to Build 16226 and get the Mixed Reality software.
  • 360 Video issue with video quality has also been fixed.
  • New Teleportation Model also introduced in this flight, where we transitioned to a much easier teleportation and navigation model only using the left joystick.
  • Speech improvements where we have improved the speech interaction experience through out Mixed Reality platform.
  • Headset Reliability Improvement where we are going to continuously improve on this in future flights.
  • We also fixed issues when trying to get out of limited mode.
  • We fixed the issue where the Mixed Reality Portal does not shut down cleanly.
  • We fixed the issue where Cortana now opens up apps correctly within the Mixed Reality environment.
  • We fixed the issue where there is multiple gaze cursor in exclusive mode apps.
  • We also fixed the issue where the Boundary is set smaller than the actual.

Known issues:

  • ADDED: If you pinned any websites to your taskbar, those pinned websites won’t work. You will have to in-pin and re-pin your websites to the taskbar.
  • ADDED 6/22: If you have certain languages installed, ctfmon.exe will do into a crash loop and typing on the Start menu and UWP apps will become impossible. Currently, the list of impacted languages we’re aware of is: Kiswahili (Kenya), Basque (Spain), Armenian, Estonian, Romansh (Switzerland), Scottish Gaelic, Serbian (Latin), Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Irish, Latvian, Macedonian, Zulu South, Norwegian (Norsk), Hausa (Latin), Albanian, Afrikaans, Georgian, Uzbek (Latin), Slovenian, Bosnian (Latin), Konkani (India), Malay (Brunei), Xhosa (South Africa), Bangla (Bangladesh), Kinyarwanda (Rwanda), Australian English, Galician (Spain), Azerbaijani (Latin), Kazakh, and Lithuanian. The workaround is to uninstall the impacted language via Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language. From the list of languages, remove the ones from the list, if it’s the only one you have installed please install a language close to your language that’s not in the list
  • ADDED 6/22: In some cases, Action Center appears completely transparent making it hard to see notifications.
  • ADDED 6/22: When attempting to install this build and you reboot to kick off the process, your machine may appear to complete a normal reboot but not begin the actual install of the build. Running the Windows Update troubleshooter via Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot may alleviate this issue.
  • If you intended on filling a bug report for Microsoft about any of these issues, you can chill out for now, as they’ve already got it covered. Otherwise, feel free to continue enjoying the absolute treasure trove of new features and tweaks that came along with 16226.