Microsoft updated Windows 11 build 25905 announcement with notable features

Pranav Bhardwaj

windows 11 desktop

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In the latest blog post on Windows 11 Insider Build 25905 Canary Channel release, Microsoft has added information on a few updates aimed at enhancing user experience and bolstering security. 

Here are the key additions outlined in the announcement.

SMB Updates 

Microsoft has implemented a behavior change to improve security across Windows 11. Starting with Build 25905 for the Pro and Education editions, SMB signing is now mandatory for all connections by default. This aligns with the same behavior change introduced earlier in Build 25381 for the Enterprise editions. 

Previously, Windows 10 and 11 only required SMB signing by default when connecting to shares named SYSVOL and NETLOGON and when Active Directory domain controllers were accessed by any client. This alteration reflects Microsoft’s commitment to fortifying the security of Windows and Windows Server in today’s modern landscape.

Recover your PC from Windows Update 

A new Windows Update recovery feature has been introduced in this build, accessible through Settings > System > Recovery and the option “Fix Problems using Windows Update.” On eligible Insider Channels like the Canary Channel, this feature allows users to download and install a repaired version of the operating system. This process reinstalls the existing OS without removing any files, settings, or apps. 

fix problems using windows update

The Windows Update Settings page will display the repair content with the title appended by “(repair version).” While this capability proves useful in various scenarios, its primary purpose is to ensure that devices remain secure and up-to-date. It’s worth noting that devices may need to complete any ongoing updates before this process takes effect.

With these notable updates, Microsoft continues to refine Windows 11 and address user concerns while prioritizing security enhancements. By introducing mandatory SMB signing and providing a Windows Update recovery feature, the tech giant strives to offer a robust and secure computing experience for Windows 11 users.