Microsoft unveils .NET Conf 2023: a virtual developer event on the release of .NET 8

Devesh Beri

Windows 11 Oct Event - Hero

Microsoft has announced “.NET Conf 2023,” a virtual developer event celebrating the launch of .NET 8. In collaboration with the .NET community, this three-day conference will be held from November 14th to 16th, 2023. .NET 7 was released last year in November.

The event will allow developers to explore the latest innovations in the world of .NET. Attendees can look forward to live sessions featuring prominent speakers from the .NET community and Microsoft’s .NET team. To ensure global accessibility, a 24-hour continuous broadcast will enable developers from all time zones to participate actively.

The call for content is open for 30-minute talks, including a 5-minute audience Q&A focusing on .NET, Visual Studio, GitHub, and the Azure Developer Experience. The best and most interesting sessions will be broadcast live during the event.

Themes for .NET 8 include Cloud Native, Blazor Full Stack, .NET MAUI, and Intelligent Apps with .NET.

Attendees can interact with speakers on various platforms, ask questions live on social media and engage in lively discussions. Moreover, a virtual attendee party will feature fantastic prizes generously provided by sponsors.

Microsoft believes in the power of community; hence, .NET Conf doesn’t end with the three-day event. Organizers worldwide can continue presenting to their local communities for several months after the conference, fostering knowledge sharing and community growth.

via Thurrott