Microsoft UK is launching a new AI Academy to teach digital skills in the country

Laurent Giret

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Microsoft kicked off its Future Decoded event in London this morning, where the company announced a new AI Academy to teach digital skills in the UK. Cindy Rose, Chief Executive of Microsoft UK explained that Microsoft aims to train 500,000 citizens on AI skills, with face-to-face and online sessions for business, public sector leaders, IT Pros and more.

“How society, business and people adapt to AI will become one of the most pressing considerations of this generation and the next,” the exec said. “Only by applying AI in the right way can we unlock its extraordinary potential for good.”

Microsoft UK is committed to create the most AI-skilled workforce in the country, and for good reason. This morning, the company also published a new research entitled “Maximising the AI Opportunity” highlighting the fact that UK companies are at risk of falling behind if they fail to embrace AI in the coming years. For this research, Microsoft teamed up Goldsmiths, University of London and YouGov and surveyed 1,000 business leaders and 4,000 employees.

“AI could add up to £230bn to our economy,” Cindy Rose said today, adding that it was “critical to future prosperity of UK.” Microsoft will share more details about its new AI Academy in the coming weeks, but in the meantime the company is promoting its new Microsoft Learn platform that allows everyone to get free training on Microsoft technologies.