Microsoft turns on 2.0, readys 3.0

Kellogg Brengel

Microsoft owned Mojang gave their site a facelift today, moving the website up to what Mojang calls version 2.0. The new website features all the same familiar content, but now with a new layout, hamburger menu, and optimization for mobile.

From you can log into your Mojang account to access your games and realms, or purchase Minecraft and Minecraft merchandise. There is also an information page for this year’s upcoming Minecon convention in Anaheim.
The new via

While today’s update is mostly a visual refresh with some optimization for better performance, Mojang’s Owen Will wrote that the next version of is already in the works:

[ 3.0] will focus on exciting things happening in our community and provide deeper insight into the future of Minecraft and our developers. Our plan is to make into a place that every player would like to visit once in a while, no matter which platform they play on – somewhere to represent what our game has become over the past few years.

With upcoming features like Minecraft Realms for the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Editions, and Minecraft on the Oculus Rift, the new website will be a welcomed refresh for those who check often to follow the latest Minecraft news.