Microsoft touts ‘boot to desktop’ as one of the reasons Windows 8.1 is ‘better’ (video)


Microsoft touts 'boot to desktop' as one of the reasons Windows 8.1 is 'better' (video)

Microsoft is touting three key reasons as to why Windows 8.1 is “better.” The company doesn’t explicitly tell us what or who the operating system is being compared to, but you can easily venture a guess that Microsoft is comparing Windows 8.1 to older versions of Windows, including Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 features the desktop and the ability to boot directly to the desktop. Microsoft is touting this as one of the three features in Windows 8.1 that lets you make Windows yours. Microsoft is clearly looking to appease those who felt that booting directly to the Start Screen was a mistake. Ironically, the Start Screen was intended to be the next big thing in the Windows world.

Secondly, Microsoft touts the ability to pin apps to the Start Screen or the taskbar, allowing you to work and play together using Snap mode. And finally, Microsoft is touting a seamless navigation between apps as the third reason why Windows 8.1 is better.

For example, you no longer have to open, close, open, and close an app with Windows 8.1. With modern apps, you can just switch between apps easily and not have to worry about harming your battery life (when on a tablet device).

With the boot to desktop feature, Microsoft is addressing those who felt that booting directly to the Start Screen was a mistake. If you prefer the desktop, all you have to do is enable one setting and you are good to go! 

Simply right click on the taskbar, select Properties. Under the Navigation tab, look for the setting that says, “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start.” Check-mark this setting to enable this feature. Now you will no longer boot directly to the Start Screen. This feature is great for those who are still uneasy about the Start Screen or simply prefer to be on the desktop instead of the Start Screen.

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft also brought back the Start button, something that users were desperately begging for in Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft is taking things a step further by reintroducing the Start Menu with the upcoming Windows 9.

We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.