Microsoft to roll out AI-powered OneDrive features next month, leaked video suggests

Priya Walia

Microsoft OneDrive app icon

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Leaked by Twitter user WalkingCat, a 15-second video is creating a buzz in the tech world. Microsoft, known for its tight-lipped policy about unannounced developments, seems to be hinting at upcoming changes to its OneDrive platform on October 3rd.

The video in question, which runs for a mere 15 seconds, is shrouded in mystery. It contains only the most limited hint of what might be commencing – a brief glimpse of a search bar displaying the words “Help me get organized.”

Displayed in a search bar, this casual plea may be the breadcrumb revealing the tech giant’s mighty AI arsenal expected to be deployed on OneDrive. Microsoft has been at the forefront in promoting artificial intelligence (AI) potential recently, and this could be the next step.

The company already boasts of Microsoft 365 Copilot, a robust tool to assist users with various work-related tasks within its suite of apps. The curious video suggests a logical extension of this AI focus into OneDrive.

The sole focus of OneDrive in this claim is noteworthy; however, it might be part of impending announcements relating to Microsoft 365 or the tech giant’s aggressive AI push.

Though the company has not provided specifics on the type of AI enhancements that could be incorporated into OneDrive, anticipating possibilities is enlightening. Obvious candidates might include the automatic creation of folders based on file content or even the implementation of sorting files based on their creation date.

Regardless of the specifics, this development points towards an exciting addition to the OneDrive feature list. This upgrade could very well position it as a more useful, intuitive, and efficient tool for managing files and content.

Hopefully, the October 3 event will shed more light on this development. Stay tuned as the rumor mill continues its grind.

Via XDA Developers