Microsoft To-Do gets Planner integration, now available on mobile and desktop devices

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft Planner integration has now been fully integrated into Microsoft To-Do. This means that users on both mobile devices as well as desktops will now have the option of syncing tasks on Planner seamlessly into To-Do.

For those who choose to enable integration, tasks from Planner will automatically sync to To-Do and will be added to the Assigned to Me list. The feature was initially introduced to Android and iOS devices shortly afterwords, however, users on desktop computers can now also take advantage of it, as well.

Planner tasks can show as “Assigned to Me” entries in To-Do. Image via Microsoft.

Users can also choose to add Planner tasks to their My Day list, giving them an overview of all the tasks that need to be completed that day. And of course, if you need to see or edit additional info related to the task such as comments and file attachments, you can choose to “Open in Planner” to get the full power of Microsoft’s card-based service.

Another neat feature is that adding a due date to a task will also put it in the Planned list. This will allow users to see an organized overview of their entire week and will be able to make changes as needed.

Microsoft is rolling out Planner / To-Do integration today, and users that have tasks assigned to them in Planner will get an alert in To-Do allowing them to quickly enable the Assigned to Me list. Integration can also be manually enabled in the settings as well for those who don’t see the alert.