Microsoft To Do apps update on Windows 10, iOS, and Android with loads of new functionality

Brad Stephenson

The iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Microsoft To Do apps all updated this week with a number of changes that add extra functionality to the task management service.

The Windows 10 app update added support for Planner’s Front-Line Worker flow tasks and improved the narrator announcements for those using this accessibility feature.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Voila! Sharing tasks with your organization’s front-line workers is easier than ever. We now support tasks coming from the Front-Line Worker (FLW) flow of Planner.
  • FLW tasks will show up as read-only tasks and cannot be edited by the user.
  • You can also add FLW tasks to My Day along with your other tasks and organize your day better!
  • We made a few accessibility fixes to the narrator announcements during step deletion and removal of currently applied sorting.

The iOS Microsoft To Do updated brings the app the Version 2.20 and makes some minor improvements to the VoiceOver experience and makes the usual bug fixes.

Here’s the release notes for the iOS update:

  • There are a couple of bug fixes in this version, providing you a better VoiceOver experience.

The Android app update focuses more on task management and makes some improvements to the UI, making it easier to look at and use.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • You asked for it and we got it for you; the improved and better, planned view. Now, with a new all planned filter option, you see all your planned tasks at the same time.
  • To make your task management better, we have improved the widget to show overdue tasks in red. The whole behavior is consistent with the app
  • There are a couple of bugs and crash fix in this version to provide you with a smooth experience.

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