Microsoft To-Do app updates on Android with new list groups feature and bug fixes

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft To-Do app logo.

The official Microsoft To-Do app updated on Android devices today. This latest update adds the recently announced list groups feature, which allows users to better sort their lists, and also fixes a variety of bugs that users had been experiencing.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Tidy up your list view—introducing list groups! Create a group, drag & drop your lists into it and soon your sidebar’s tidiness will be filling you with joy.
  • If you navigate back from the accounts view we won’t close the app, because that was silly—we’ll take you to the list view.
  • We fixed some accessibility bugs, like ensuring that all lists in the sidebar can be reached via Talkback.
  • We fixed the bug that caused you issues when you tried to share a list via Skype.

Microsoft To-Do is a free productivity tool for managing tasks. It has official apps on web, Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac and supports the immediate syncing of all data between each version.

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