Microsoft To-Do app gains pinnable lists on Windows 10 Mobile and PC

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft To-Do app on Windows 10

The Windows 10 Microsoft To-Do app received an update this morning that added a feature many have been wanting since the app first launched, pinnable lists.

Any To-Do list can now be pinned to the Start Menu or Start Screen on any Windows 10 device or Windows 10 Mobile Windows phone by right-clicking or performing a long press on the list name from the main app menu and selecting Pin to Start.

The pins themselves are surprisingly detailed and show the list’s title (including emoticon if used) and the list items in the same order as they appear within the app.

Here’s the full release notes for this Microsoft To-Do update:

  • Not satisfied with just having a list in Live Tile? We have good news for you: Now you can add any list or Smart List to the Windows Start menu as a tile.
  • Have you already tried our inking gestures? If so, you may have noticed that we have not twice asked you if you want to delete something when you have crossed out. Now we’ll ask you if you’re sure – if you’re really, really sure.
  • Do you have too many late activities that you do not want to do today? We have improved our accessibility so that it is now possible to compress and expand the various groups in the Smart Lists.
  • We temporarily removed the ability to move an activity to any list during the search. We will give you this opportunity with this update.
  • We did funny things with the order of your lists when you tried to reorganize activities. We have corrected this error today.

Have you pinned any lists to Start on your Windows 10 device yet? Share your thoughts on this new feature in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Windows app content.