Microsoft to broadcast E3 media event on Mixer in UHD and 4K

Arif Bacchus

Earlier today Microsoft revealed that they have rebranded Beam as Mixer. While the new features for the live-streaming platform received most of the attention, the company also revealed that their upcoming E3 media event will be broadcasted on Mixer in UltraHD and in 4K.

Seen above. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft chimed in and reminded the world of the upcoming Mixer broadcast of the E3 event. This, though, created some confusion amongst Xbox fans, and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer clarified that the 4K broadcast will be on Xbox One S as well. And, for added fun, there are even special digital bonuses for those watching and signed in on Mixer.

As a reminder, The Xbox E3 briefing will be on Sunday, June 11th at 2 PM PDT. It’s expected that Microsoft will take the covers off Project Scorpio, and discuss upcoming Xbox exclusive titles. When asked about the Sunday date, Phil Spencer explained that the change will help give the team “a better opportunity to lead the gaming narrative.”