Microsoft to allow users to uninstall more built-in Windows 11 apps

Pranav Bhardwaj

windows 11 desktop

Microsoft is in the process of bringing an extended feature for Windows 11 that allows users to uninstall more built-in apps. These applications, commonly referred to as “inbox apps,” are pre-installed by default on Windows 11 devices. The new feature is currently being tested with users in the Canary Channel. So the users who have updated to Windows 11 Insider Build 25931 can use this option.

The apps that can be removed include the Camera app, the recently discontinued Cortana app, the Photos app, the People app, and the Remote Desktop (MSTSC) client.

Uninstall in built apps Windows 11

While each individual built-in app might not consume a substantial amount of storage space, the option to uninstall them collectively contributes to a potentially leaner operating system environment. This aligns with Microsoft’s approach of allowing users to declutter their systems from apps they do not require, thus offering a more tailored user experience.

The initiative began earlier this year with the introduction of the Camera app’s uninstallation option in March. More recently, the option to uninstall the Cortana app was added in test builds, highlighting Microsoft’s commitment to refining the Windows 11 experience based on user feedback. However, users who are not currently on Windows Insider builds will have to wait until these enhanced uninstallation capabilities are widely accessible.

Microsoft’s upcoming major Windows 11 update, scheduled for release in September, is anticipated to introduce even more options for users to uninstall built-in apps.