Microsoft Teams unveils ‘Private Line’: Elevating exclusivity for your secret calls

Priya Walia

Microsoft Teams has long served as a steadfast tool for businesses and individuals, and now it is gearing up to raise the bar even further. In a recent announcement, the popular video conferencing platform disclosed that it is working on a new feature known as “Private Line.”

The addition is poised to furnish an extra layer of security and convenience, enhancing the integrity of your most pivotal calls and meetings, the Microsoft 365 roadmap revealed yesterday.

The essence behind Private Line is refreshingly simple yet remarkably innovative. But how does it operate, you might wonder? Equipped with the Private Line feature, users can effortlessly establish a secondary, confidential line accessible exclusively to a select group of contacts.

Consequently, you can engage in direct, private conversations with your most trusted connections, shielded from any unwarranted disruptions or intrusions.

When someone calls your Private Line, you’ll be immediately alerted with a unique notification and ringtone. This will help you differentiate between your regular calls and the ones coming through your private line. The intelligent differentiation ensures you can effortlessly prioritize these calls, guaranteeing that no crucial conversation slips through the cracks.

It is important to note that the current iteration of the Private Line feature will cater solely to incoming calls, with outbound call capabilities set to join the roster in the foreseeable future. Microsoft Teams’ commitment to refining its services suggests that this potential addition might not be too far down the road.

The anticipated rollout for the Private Line feature is scheduled to commence in November 2023. Brace yourself to elevate your video calls and meetings to unprecedented heights with the imminent launch of Microsoft Teams’ game-changing Private Line.