Microsoft Teams now lets users open all new chats in a separate window

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Cropped Chat

The Microsoft Teams desktop app is making multitasking a bit better for users who juggle between several private conversations every day. If it was already possible to pop out Microsoft Teams chats in a separate window, the desktop has added a new setting to open every new chat conversation in a separate window by default.

To enable this feature, click the More Options (…) icon available at the top of the app and select Settings. Now, head to the General tab and choose the “New Window” option available under the “Open new chat in” section. You will notice that clicking the “New Chat” button (or pressing Ctrl + N) will now automatically pop a chat window in Teams.

In addition to this new Pop-out chat feature, Microsoft has also announced several new chat features coming to its Teams collaboration platform. The list includes a new UI for search results, support for more than 800 3D emoji reactions, and the ability to chat with yourself. There is also a new feature that lets users delay the delivery of a message to a more convenient time.